Our Horses

Yogo– 2009 Perlino QH (gelding)  

Yogo is our blue eyed buddy with a calm and even temperament. He loves to give kisses and will shake your hand when you introduce yourself. Yogo is an easy going horse that loves his riders and will wrap his head around for a hug after a dismount.

Sparkle– 2004 Sorrel QH (mare)

Sparkle started her career as a broodmare and because of her sweet, motherly temperament became a trail horse for little kids. She came to us because of her incredible patience and willingness to learn. She will greet her kids with a kisses and sniffs.

Athena– 2003 Bay Morgan (mare)

Athena is a sweet mare that has the softest eyes of all our equines. She loves to be around kids and is a patient teacher for new riders. She has a smooth swinging walk and perky ears that stick out through her thick black main.

Whiskey- 2003 Bay QH/Morgan (gelding)

Whiskey is a curious horse who challenges his more experienced riders to push their skills and helps support his new more inexperienced riders. He has cow working experience and has been in lots of different settings, giving him a confident personality that he transfers to his riders.

Rocky- 2011 Red Roan QH (gelding)

Rocky is one of our most curious horses of the herd. He is working his way into the program as his skills and patience grows as a support horse for our more independent riders.  Rocky is a half brother to Yogo and are they commonly seen attached at the hip!

Brady Bunch- 2013 Pony/Quarter horse cross (gelding)

Brady is a young pony cross that is full of life and curiosity. As his skills grow, so does his patience and willingness to fill in for his riders. Although he is our smallest equine, he is the boss of many horses in the herd.

Missy- 1996 Paint (mare)

Missy is a sweet, gentle mare that has become one of our most solid lesson horses. She is forgiving and patient and has the largest eye of all our horses. She is leased to us by Donna and Jim McKiernan who are local chiropractors and dear friends.

Bunji and Murray- 2016 Blue Heeler/Aussie cross

Our two young pups are energetic, sweet temperament pals that want to be around their two and four legged friends at any given point. They are a source of constant entertainment for our volunteers and participants. If you ask, they will shake your hand to greet you, or wave goodbye when you leave.